Articles and photos: Nguyen Thi Nha
On the morning of 03/12/2018, Ms. Kim OuJi, Director of K JOBS Company visited the laboratory of Electro-Electronic, Laboratory Practice Center, School Vinh university. Kim OuJi highly appreciated the system of laboratories of the University in general and facilities for the teaching of the branches in the electricity - electronics, information and communication. During the meeting, Kim OuJi also has some advice related to improving the quality of training of students in engineering fields in general, branches in the group of electricity - electronics in particular.
Here are some pictures of Ms. Kim OuJin's visit to Vinh University and the Laboratory of the Center for Experimental Practice:




Visiting Electrical and Electronics Laboratories - Center for Laboratory Experimenting - Vinh University

Memorandum of Understanding between Vinh University and K JOBS Company

Rector of Vinh University, Prof. Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa presents souvenir


Photography with the students of the Institute of Technology and Technology